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      We are unique as we strive to improve mobility by embracing in-house full-stack innovative engineering. We are distinctive as we relentlessly explore the full potential of mobility, from road EVs to ones that fly. We are relevant to users as our mobility solutions are designed to make life easier.
      At XPENG, we don't just move people from A to B. We inspire new life experiences - taking you to new destinations and refreshing experiences. We deliver the future of mobility - offering better, more innovative ways to move.
      We are a technology company at heart. By addressing the needs of our customers with our expertise, we can solve the complicated questions in unchartered territory.
      We recognize the crucial and diverse role mobility plays in people's lives, and aspire to expand future mobility through intelligent revolution, from the road to the air.
      We play the role of your everyday explorer. We're intuitive, courageous, and lively. Intuitive - We think technology is at its best when it opens up new possibilities. Courageous - We don't use conventional thinking when it comes to creating a brighter future. Lively - We see the beauty in everyday mobility and excitedly explore ways to enhance it.
      We were founded in 2014. Our belief is simple: technology is bound to transform the future mobility. That's the cornerstone of our foundation.
      So we never stop exploring, establishing ourselves as a leader in the development of smart mobility defined by integrated Internet and Al technology. We witness a steady growth of business and receive continuous support from our investors. Our company has been listed on the NYSE and the HKEX since 2020 and 2021, respectively, with a dual primary listing status.
      XPENG boasts unique DNA with a strong and diverse management team.
      1. Xiaopeng HE
        Chairman & CEO
        Xiaopeng HE, Chairman & CEO, responsible for the overall strategic planning, organizational development, and management operations.
      2. Fengying WANG
        Fengying WANG, President of XPENG, is responsible for the company’s product planning, product portfolio management and sales operations.
      3. Henry XIA
        Co-founder & Co-president
        Henry XIA, Co-founder & Co-president, is responsible for the company's automotive vehicle business unit, strategizing product profile, business planning, implementation, and quality control.
      4. Brian GU
        Vice Chairman & Co-president
        Brian GU, Vice Chairman & Co-president, is responsible for the company's strategy, finance, fundraising, investments, and globalization efforts
      5. Tao HE
        Co-founder & Senior Vice-president
        Tao HE, Co-founder & Senior Vice-president, responsible for the company's overall vehicle technology R&D and supply chain management
      We are supported by a team of passionate, diverse, and talented employees with experience across the technology, finance, and automotive industry working across hubs in China, the United States, and Europe. Together, we are building our international presence as the explorer of future mobility.
      We are in pole position to unleash the potential of EV penetration. Built to Industrial 4.0 standards with a sustainable philosophy, our self-built factories are equipped with AGV capability for assembly and battery pack production - open and transparent, with real-time monitoring to ensure quality and efficiency. Our maximum designed future production capacity could reach 600,000 cars annually with three smart factories in Zhaoqing, Guangzhou and Wuhan*
      *Note: Guangzhou & Wuhan factories are under construciton.
      As part of our commitment to ESG, we have curated an innovative core concept of X-SEG (Smart, Efficient and Green) that guides the establishment and operations of our factories and underpins all major aspects of our business operations. Our ESG efforts have been recognized globally. For the second consecutive year, we received an "AA" rating from MSCI ESG Research in 2021, the highest MSCI ESG rating among automobile companies worldwide. Notably, MSCI ESG Research scored XPENG 10 and 9.1 in the categories of Product Carbon Footprint and the Opportunities in CleanTech, two of the key areas that contributed to our ESG ratings.
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