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      XPENG G9
      For a More Immersive Drive
      Watch Video
      Unmistakable Design
      Supercharging Architecture
      Advanced Driver Assistance System
      Xopera 5D Multimedia Experience
      Unparalleled Performance and Handling
      X-EEA 3.0

      Unmistakable Design

      The perfect blend of innovation, craftsmanship, and materials.
      For a cabin that redefines luxury.
      X-BOT FACE 3.0

      Running headlights and taillights embody XPENG's Dynamic Aesthetics design language.

      Familiarity With an Edge

      G9's short front and long rear overhangs combine to create a sense of luxury and sportiness in a familiar SUV silhouette.

      Hidden in Plain Sight

      LiDAR sensors2 are ingeniously concealed in the headlight housing.

      Wraparound Cabin

      A warm and comfortable driving environment is created by a wraparound design and high-quality finishing.

      Comfortable Rear Space

      Ergonomically designed rear sports seats with extended seat cushions offer additional thigh support as well as heating, ventilation, multi-direction control, and massage functions.2

      A Different Kind of Safety

      The leather and PU leather used in G9 have undergone rigorous testing to comply with the OEKO-TEX certification.

      Industry-leading charging times.

      Leave Range Anxiety Behind

      XPENG G9 delivers up to 702 km of range3 on a single charge.

      Advanced Driver
      Assistance System

      Intelligence Upgraded

      NVIDIA Computing

      Dual NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chips power everything from G9's digital instrument cluster to its entire ADAS system using 31 sensors placed around the vehicle. XPENG G9 boasts a total computing power of 508 TOPS (trillion operations per second).2

      In-House Research and Development

      Our in-house R&D team develops hardware and software that optimizes G9's visual sensing capabilities.

      Our Most Advanced System Yet

      G9 uses the industry's first Advanced Driver Assistance System designed to get you from start to finish without the hassle.6

      Dual Screen Display

      G9 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 Chipset to ensure both 14.96" displays offer the smoothest experience possible.

      Interaction Done Right

      G9 features our new and improved voice assistant. The system can understand and respond to complex commands from all four zones of the car even without a network connection.

      3D User Interface5

      The 3D multimedia system projects the real world onto G9's screen, providing instant feedback to create a more immersive driving experience.

      5D Multimedia Experience

      *Note: iQIYI app shown in the video is available only in China.

      Performance and Handling

      Exceptional performance, no exceptions.
      0-100 km/h in 3.9s3
      G9's motor boasts a peak power output of 405 kW and a peak torque of 717 Nm.

      Dual-chamber Air Suspension2

      G9 is equipped with a dual-chamber air suspension system to offer greater flexibility and comfort.

      X-EEA 3.0 Electrical
      and Electronic

      G9's computing performance is maximized by our proprietary centralized electrical and electronic architecture, X-EEA 3.0.
      Sleek. Intelligent. Adventurous
      Intelligence That Moves You
      Explore the world intelligently
      1. All information on the page relates to the premium version of G9 sold in China.

      2. Features and specifications may vary by G9 model and country. Please refer to the country-specific website for full and detailed specifications.

      3. Data obtained under internal testing. All figures shown are representative of the maximum or fastest values achieved under test conditions to CLTC standards.

      4. Data is obtained under internal testing conditions with 480kW XPENG S4 charging station to CLTC standards. User experience may vary based on car conditions, charging facilities and environments.

      5. Some features and functions may not be available at launch and will be released in a future OTA.

      6. XPENG Advanced Driver Assistance System is designed to assist driving and not replace a human driver altogether. User experience may vary based on road and driving conditions. System alerts must be adhered to at all times while driving, and drivers should be prepared to intervene when necessary. In extreme cases, the driver assistance system can fail. Please observe the local traffic regulations and drive with caution.

      7. Data obtained under internal test conditions.
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