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      • The leading intelligent electric vehicle company will showcase its cutting-edge models with a virtual exhibition space and keynote speech during this year’s automotive festival
      • XPENG’s smart, people-first mobility is about more than getting from A to B

      Munich, Germany – 2nd September 2021 – Leading intelligent electric vehicle company, XPENG, will unveil its full range of cutting-edge vehicles at a virtual exhibition booth at IAA Mobility 2021(7-12 September in Munich, Germany) including its most advanced innovation, the XPENG X2 aero car.

      XPENG will be exhibiting at the world-class European automobile exhibition for the first time, with its virtual booth showcasing its full product range of six vehicles. The exhibit will demonstrate XPENG’s industry-defining range of core technologies, in the heart of Europe’s automotive community.

      XPENG’s virtual exhibition area is available to visit here.

      This marks the start of XPENG’s emergence in Europe, with plans to launch across several markets in the coming months, and intelligent EVs already on sale in Norway.

      As well as hosting a virtual booth, XPENG will be delivering a keynote speech on 8th September at 4:30-5:00pm CET. The speech will outline the company’s vision of the future of automobility, the innovation of the intelligent technology embedded into its vehicles and more on the XPENG story so far.

      XPENG’s mission is to deliver smart people-first mobility solutions, creating vehicles that focus on the human experience as opposed to the hardware. Their cars are designed to adapt to their drivers, with cutting-edge intelligent software systems embedded into each model.

      The XPENG G3, the smart SUV, was launched in Norway in April 2020 and made available to customers from December 2020. At the beginning of July 2021, XPENG released its flagship model, P7, for pre-orders in Norway, with delivery starting in October 2021. More information on XPENG’s availability in Norway is here.

      XPENG’s proprietary technologies include XPILOT, its Advanced Driver Assistance System, and Xmart OS, its in-car intelligent operating system. These innovations give the driver a differentiated intelligent automotive experience, integrating continuously updated software that differentiates XPENG’s Smart EVs to the rest of the EV market.

      Through OTA (over-the-air) firmware, XPENG’s vehicles can be upgraded to introduce enhancements and the latest functionalities to the driver experience. Its intelligent “Hey, XPENG” voice assistant can interact with the driver and respond to various commands including opening and closing windows, starting GPS navigation to specific destinations, adjusting the AC, and controlling the music.

      Here is the full product range that will be exhibited at the event:

      This futuristic vehicle, in its pre-market stages, is the latest generation of flying cars, developed with HT Aero. The car has numerous high-tech attributes including radar ranging, sensory obstacle avoidance and a parachute.

      It measures 4.97 meters in length, 4.78 meters in width and 1.36 meters in height. Its arms can also be folded, making the body 4.79 meters long and 1.95 meters wide. The propeller diameter is about 1.83 meters. With full carbon fiber structure, the flying car weighs 560 kilograms and the maximum take-off weight is 760 kilograms. It is expected to be able to cruise at 130 kilometers per hour and have a range of 35 minutes at a height of 1000 meters.

      • XPENG P7: Super Long Range Smart Sedan 

      P7 uses the dynamic visual design aesthetic and streamlined dynamic profile of the coupe body to set the direction for future style. XPENG jointly developed a platform-based chassis with a first-class German engineering team to endow P7 with a sports car pedigree.

      Based on SEPA, P7 is supported by the XPILOT 2.5 advanced driver assistance system and the ultra-convenient Xmart OS in-vehicle intelligent system, defining a new intelligent travel lifestyle.

      P7 received industry recognition from 3 major authoritative organizations in July 2021: five-star C-NCAP safety rating, five-star rating from China’s intelligent vehicle test platform i-VISTA, and NO.1 in the BEV category of J.D. Power’s China NEV-APEAL Study.

      • XPENG P7 Wing Edition: Powerful Premium Sedan with Iconic Sport Design

      The new P7 Wing Edition is designed to maximize the sporty and dynamic style of the smart EV sedan with a pair of specially designed scissor-style front doors traditionally only available in sports cars.

      Equipped with 4WD, XPILOT 2.5, and an 18-speaker Dynaudio concert-hall style in-car sound system, the P7 Wing Edition brings extra exclusivity for its owners.

      Customers can personalize the opening angle of the doors which can be unlocked in multiple ways. Two radars are installed on the left and right sides, which automatically identify obstacles and control door movement during the opening process.

      • XPENG G3i: Long Range Smart SUV 


      The G3i reinforces XPENG's focus on intelligence and allows users to enjoy a convenient, efficient, and stress-free urban mobility experience, including award-winning auto-parking.


      • XPENG G3: Long Range Smart SUV

      As XPENG's first mass-produced model, G3 was launched in 2018 in China. Since its launch, the Smart SUV has become one of the best-selling battery-powered SUVs in China's mid-to-high-end market for more than two years. In the first quarter of 2021, the G3 stood in first place in terms of insurance registration numbers among A-class battery powered SUVs in China.

      In terms of smartification, XPENG G3 has completed 15 major OTA firmware upgrades and added 55 new functions as of March 31, 2021 in China. The utilization rate of “Hey, XPENG” voice assistance exceeds 99%. G3 won the first place for i-VISTA automatic parking in 2020 in China, fully demonstrating user recognition of its evolving intelligence.

      • XPENG P5: New Smart EV Sedan 

      XPENG's third new production model, and the world's first mass-produced LiDAR-equipped smart car in China, the P5 will offer sophisticated driver assist features powered by XPENG's in-house developed XPILOT 3.5 advanced driver assistance system, expanding the Navigation Guided Pilot features from highways and expressways to urban roads, traffic intersections and other complex city driving scenarios.

      The P5's rich infotainment ecosystem will elevate user interactivity to a new level, including cinema, lounge, sleeping and gaming modes.

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